Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications


View publications from faculty in the Art Department at Linfield University.


Books from 2017

Art History As Social Praxis: The Collected Writings of David Craven, Brian Winkenweder

Books from 2011

Dialectical Conversions: Donald Kuspit’s Art Criticism, David Craven and Brian Winkenweder

Art of Play: Discovering the Secret to a Creative Life, or, the Goat Who Ate My Art, Nils Lou

David Craven: A Bibliography (1976-2011), Brian Winkenweder

Books from 2009

The Play Book: Connecting to the Creative Impulse, Nils Lou

Books from 2008

Reading Wittgenstein: Robert Morris's Art-as-Philosophy, Brian Winkenweder

Books from 2003

Culturas Indígenas Vivas de Costa Rica (Living Indigenous Cultures of Costa Rica), Ronald D. Mills and Jorge Luis Acevedo