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Humans Fail to Fix the Love of Parenting Nature (View 2), a mixed media piece, measures 19 ounces.

Artist Statement & Bio
My name is Jordan Davis and I am a senior at Linfield College. I am currently studying Studio Art, specifically mixed media. I grew up on Bainbridge Island, Washington which is west of Seattle. In high school I took many ceramics classes and a photography class where I started to explore art. In 2016, I moved to McMinnville to start college and Linfield College. It wasn’t till I started taking art classes at Linfield that I realized I wanted to examine art at a deeper level.

I am a mixed media artist who is taking serious issues in the world and creating a comical image that is truthful. I want to bring awareness to these issues as people tend to ignore them.

In my newest art pieces, I have turned to the political side. In our society right now, we are all experiencing the effects of COVID-19. We have to stay in our houses to keep ourselves and others safe. We can’t hug our loved ones. Go on dates. Travel. We have had to give up so many plans. It has been so difficult for all of us, but we’re in this together. I think that more than ever we need each other and address how we are going to slowly come back out into our daily lives.


This work appeared in reconnecting . . ., the 2020 Thesis and Portfolio Exhibition at Linfield College. Image courtesy of Jordan Davis.


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