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Black Walnut 04, wood carving, measures 2 feet by 1 foot.

My name is Benedict Ulibarri, but most people call me Benny. I was born in Reno in 1998, and I grew up in a small town near Dallas, Texas. Being homeschooled, I had a much more flexible education and spent a lot of time traveling the U.S. with my family (pretty much like the Wild Thornberrys). A majority of my time in high school was devoted to martial arts, which informs my current studio practice. In martial arts, I learned through an apprenticeship, which translates to how I interact with my art professors at Linfield College. As a junior on the studio art-thesis track, I am working towards a cohesive portfolio which will allow me to pursue an MFA and other opportunities.

Artist’s Statement
What I'm currently interested in depicting with these carvings is the relationship between the sculpting caused by the natural processes of life and the unnatural sculpting I employ while carving.

These processes exist on totally different timescales and therefore give one a glimpse into its alien perspective.

This glimpse is attained in deferring degree of completeness and through deferring means of sensory exploration depending on the way the viewer interacts with the piece and its material qualities.

Displaying this relationship allows one to meditate on the blurry line between what we consider natural and unnatural.


This work appeared in reconnecting . . ., the 2020 Thesis and Portfolio Exhibition at Linfield College. Image courtesy of Benny Ulibarri.


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