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black-and-white photographs


Art and Design | Art Practice | Photography


Untitled, black-and-white photograpy, measures 13 by 19 inches.

Artist Bio and Statement
My Name is Dustin Lau. I am a Senior Electronic Arts Major at Linfield College. My medium has been mainly photography, with one performance piece that was documented for class with photography. My work began with a focus on portraiture; however, during the start of this year I wanted to shift my focus from people to that of street photography. I believed that the photographs that I could take of the streets and the life within the streets could help to tell a story as well as document its life, and moreover allow others to see a glimpse into how I see the world through photography. As such, my series Timelessness was created. A lot of the inspiration for this series came from street photographer Melissa Breyer and her inspiration for finding the hidden stories behind the images that she took. I see my work within the art world as being an exploration and, in some way, documentation of life around where I am currently living, using my camera to give that feeling of something that can stand through the test of time and look like it can be from any time period.

As such, my intention for my images is that I aim to capture those timeless feelings with a focus on the quiet moments using my photography with people who are just going about their day. I want to use my photos to document the town and its people as well as get a glimpse into how I see the world through photography. We go throughout our lives so fast that we don’t take the time to stop and enjoy what is happening now, such as the things we do for our jobs or for ourselves.


This work appeared in reconnecting . . ., the 2020 Thesis and Portfolio Exhibition at Linfield College. Image courtesy of Dustin Lau.


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