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Stellar is a wood carving.

Artist's Statement

This exhibit explores spaces that are not clearly defined. I look to convey images (as well as the entire gallery space) that contain and hold power that is difficult to put a finger on. The concept seems simple--find inspiration and get on the PATH. Traveling from theory to practice however, generally involves uncertainty and change. The direction is bound to deviate.

I attempt to inspire awe with my art. I cultivate a bold imagination, and I am always open to breaking the rules. The struggle, frequently, is to say enough but not too much. Intelligence appears within the materials and the moment. I attempt to listen and to be a channel. I undulate and move through space as does the SKY. I listen and pause until the moment is right. I begin with very little direction regarding images. Observation followed by questions. Answers eventually arrive and I feel as if I am a small boy making a new discovery. If I listen close enough and/or long enough I am moved as if I was in a DREAM.

I enjoy the process. Depending on the media, I sometimes work with deconstructed and reconstructed images, organic lines and forms. Carving requires time and is extremely physical. Painting can happen in a moment. Additive and/or subtractive treatments become very fluid. The challenges and rewards are unimaginable.

Being a maker is central to my core and I find it incredibly necessary for life. Working in a variety of media is a great way to inform ourselves about abilities, strong points or weaknesses. In this exhibit I am exploring painting and ceramics which are both new twists for me. As for “next moves,” I would also like to try weaving and dying natural materials.

I hope this show encourages students (and we’re all students) who struggle to find their voice, or who do not yet understand just how much freedom we have as artists.


This work appeared in PATH SKY DREAM, an exhibition of mixed media wood carvings and paintings by Totem Shriver presented by the Linfield Gallery and the Department of Art at Linfield College from Febuary 12 through March 21, 2020. Image courtesy of Jordan Black.


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