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ceramic ware (visual works)

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(untitled brutal), ceramic, measurements unknown.

Artist's Statement:

"We set this house on fire forgetting that we live within." - Jim Harrison, Saving Daylight

There are two built environments, the one that we physically occupy, move through and are contained by, and the one that is constructed within. Together, the physical and psychological environments of both the human body and architecture share a shifting threshold between the sacred and the mundane.

I am most interested in the in-between states. The transformative place of liminal space is a state, both familiar and known, yet strange in its perceptions.

In experiencing the uncanny,
in body,
in mind,
in place,
in space,
we discover the process of resolution and experience the limits of approachability.

I use materials in service of their inherent meanings, connotative relations, and for their expressive capacity. Through the creation of autonomous objects and contingent space, in scales from intimate, to near human and house, my work attempts to render a visual trace of the ephemeral connections between the spaces we occupy, both inside and out.


This work appeared in the 2018 Faculty Exhibit, an exhibition presented by the Nils Lou Gallery and the Department of Art at Linfield College during September 2018. Image courtesy of Kathleen Spring.

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