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Your Eureka Not Mined
Christopher T. Keaveney


Sabbatical Leave Report
Masayuki Itomitsu


Sabbatical Leave Report
Lisa Weidman


Sabbatical Leave Report
James J. Diamond


The Tattoo Taboo Project
Rosa E. Johnson


Acting Scenes from Acting in Comedy
Janet Gupton, Naomi Boydston, Alyssa Lawrence, Zach Brehmeyer, Joella Cordell, Glenn B. Rust, Clement Hossaert, and Marcos Galvez


From The Women of Lockerbie by Deborah Brevoort: Scene Performance and Discussion
Janet Gupton, Deborah Brevoort, Robert Murphy Jackson, Alyssa Lawrence, Sara Vass, Naomi Boydston, Alyxandra Jones-Sriboonlert, Jennifer Furrow, Gabrielle Esparza, Arianna Strong, and Erika Glas


Regena/NOT2 Is Essential for Gene Silencing by MicroRNAs
Cami Soriano, Katherine Andersen, and Catherine Reinke


Which GABA Receptors Are Expressed in the Zebrafish Lateral Line?
Megan Schwehr, Connell Crabtree, Tenzin Yangchen, Kyler Hayes, and Jaren Ikenaga


Using Electron Vortex Beams to Spin Nanoparticles
Hannah DeVyldere and Alice Greenberg


Self Report Physical Activity Levels in Higher Education
Alissa Buss, Riley Graham, and Janet T. Peterson

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