This collection contains presentations by students in Music at Linfield College.


Events from 2016

Performance from "Cookbook" by Kenji Bunch: "III. Heirloom" and "IV. La Ultima Noche en la Casa del Flamenco", Quillan Bourassa and Susan McDaniel

"Your Heart", Eve G. Brindis

Performance of "Let the Bright Seraphim" (from Samson, an oratorio) by George Frideric Handel, Megan Uhrinak and Susan McDaniel


Paper Boat for Mezzo-Soprano and Cello (2016), Didan Yang and Wanying Xie

Events from 2015


Noll Collection of Musical Instruments, Kelsey Garrett


Music in Islamic Reform, Amanda L. Pierce


Department of Music Student Symposium Recital, Christian Santangelo, Jaimie McDonald, Anna Vanderschaegen, Cody Meadows, Delaney Bullinger, Ian Cox, Logan Mays, Cassandra Pangelinan, Caitlin Evans, Emily Eisert, and Quillan Bourassa

Events from 2014


An Original Composition: Piano Concerto No. 1, Zachary Gulaboff Davis


Student Perspectives on Reflective Writing, Improvisation, and Cooperative and Peer Learning in a Collegiate Aural Skills Course, Anna Song, Yucheng Zhang, and Jenny Morgan