Tolerancia Crítica y Ciudadanía Activa: Una Introducción Práctica al Debate Educativo


Tolerancia Crítica y Ciudadanía Activa: Una Introducción Práctica al Debate Educativo



Critical Tolerance and Active Citizenship: A Practical Introduction to Educational Debate, Idebate Press's first release in Spanish, offers educators a hands-on guide for implementing debate practices in classrooms and non-formal educational settings. The work consists of a series of 15 sessions devoted to specific aspects of debating. Topics include: general characteristics of debate formats, public speaking, creating debate resolutions, argumentation, reasoning and fallacies, preparation of cases, taking notes, formulating questions, and judging debates. Each session includes tips for facilitating introductory debate training and exercises to put learning into practice. The work includes activity and resource sheets for students as well as an appendix with a sample debate.



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International Debate Education Association


New York


International and Intercultural Communication | Speech and Rhetorical Studies


Description and cover image provided courtesy of theInternational Debate Education Association.

Subject Areas

Citizenship; Toleration; Debates and debating

Author/Editor Bio

Hernán Bonomo is the program coordinator of Open Society Institute’s Youth Initiative. Focused on Latin American development, Bonomo manages the Idebate project, which uses ICT tools to identify local and regional youth initiatives, promote their work internationally, and improve their networking capacity.

Juan M. Mamberti holds a licentiate in business economics and has conducted postgraduate studies in public policy. Since 2004, he has coordinated debate programs in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

Jackson B. Miller is Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Director of Forensics at Linfield College. He holds a Ph.D. in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, an M.A. in Rhetorical Criticism from Ohio University, and a B.A. in Interpersonal Communication from Ohio University.