This collection includes a variety of lectures sponsored by departments and academic programs at Linfield College.


Lectures from 2017

The Current State of International Marketing, Alex Gambal

Lectures from 2016

The Miracle of Our Shared Space, Teju Cole

Linfield Wine Lecture Series: Managing Expectations: The Microbiome in Agriculture, Jack A. Gilbert

Northwest Wineries Mergers and Acquisitions: An Industry in Transition, Erik McLaughlin

Linfield Wine Lecture Series: What I've Learned in 50 Years of Viticulture: And Some Messages for Oregon, Richard Smart

Timely Trunk Renewal: A New Protocol to Help Protect Grapevines from Trunk Disease, and to Restore Health, Richard Smart

What Is New with Canopy Management?, Richard Smart

Lectures from 2015

Linfield College Opening Convocation: Chance Favors the Prepared Mind, Theresa Betancourt

Linfield Wine Lecture Series: Susan Sokol Blosser, Susan Sokol Blosser

What We Don't Know CAN Hurt Us, Thomas Davis

Lectures from 2014

Tell Me a Story (with Numbers, Too), Jim Tankersley

Lectures from 2013

Climate, Grapes, and Wine: Structure, Suitability and Sustainability in a Changing Climate, Gregory V. Jones

Unraveling the Mystique of Terroir: Wine's Sense of Place, Gregory V. Jones

Questions for the Wine Writer, Doug Tunnell and Katherine Cole

Lectures from 2012

Redeeming Democracy in America, Susan McWilliams

Understanding Unconscious Bias and Unintentional Racism, Jean Moule

Get Your BLUEMiND On: Exploring the Neuroscience of Our Emotional Connection to Water, the Sea and Our Natural World, Wallace J. Nichols

Lectures from 2011

The Ethics of Voting, Jason Brennan, Tamara Metz, and John Holzwarth

Linfield College Opening Convocation: The Happiness Hypothesis, Jonathan Haidt