This collection contains presentations by students in History at Linfield College.


Events from 2016


Digging Deeper: James Connolly in America, Peter H. Buckingham and Robin M. Seiler-Garman

Enos vs. Sowle
: A Case of Sex, Politics and Morality, Jennifer Nguyen, Lissa Wadewitz, and Sheryl Teoh

Events from 2015

Beyond the Vines - The Second Generation: A Preliminary Look at Family Relationships and Gender in the Oregon Wine Industry, Julian Adoff and Sharon Bailey Glasco


James Connolly's Years in America, 1902-1910, Sydney M. Owen

Events from 2014


Beyond the Vines: Latinos in the Oregon Wine Industry, Lydia Heins and Julian Adoff


Finding Common Interests in the Times of Rising Conflict: Shibusawa Eiichi and the 1909 Japanese Commercial Commission to the United States, Sydney M. Owen


Masculinity Studies on Two Continents and in Two Eras: Thomas A. Hickey in Victorian Dublin and Progressive Era America, 1868-1925, Alanna M. Stanton