This collection contains presentations by students in Health, Human Performance, & Athletics at Linfield College.


Events from 2016

Comparing the Effects of Kettlebell and Barbell Exercises on Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, and a 20-Meter Sprint, Erich M. Regan, Forrest P. Paxton, and Gregory C. Moses

The Effects of an Aquatic Exercise Program on Dynamic and Static Balance of Sedentary Elders, Cody Walker, Alyson Oblock, Maddy Dunn, Kristen Vroom, and Jennifer Hiatt

Events from 2015


Kinematic Differences between Land and Shallow-water Sprinting, Laurel Huth and Ellie Schmidt


Test-Retest Reliability and Validity of the Plank Exercise, Gia Saporito, Gretchen Jernstedt, and Holden Miller

Events from 2014


Fitness Norms for the Plank Exercise, Caroline E. Brigham and Kimberly A. Chase

Events from 2013


Linfield Student Cookbook, Allison Brosius


Using Ultrasound to Determine Cardiovascular Disease Risk, Sara Peterson, Katie Main, Janet Peterson, Wendy Repovich, and Evan Hilberg

Events from 2012


Effects of a Basic Climbing Education Program on Physical Fitness and Macronutrient Intake in Novice Mountaineers, Donald A. DeFrang II and Kelsey J. Franklin