Senior Theses

Publication Date


Document Type

Thesis (Linfield Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing



Faculty Advisor(s)

Lex Runciman

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature | Poetry


This creative writing thesis contains a series of poems by Stephen Dennis.

  • Building Rome
  • 43 Year Old Man Considers Re-creating a Missed Camp Experience
  • Permission
  • Mid September, Months Removed
  • Fishing
  • Spinning like a Drunken Figure Skater
  • Simple Extravagances
  • Mother
  • Sunday Morning
  • The Dunking Poems
  • Real Estate
  • Vacation
  • The Porch
  • Careering
  • As Certain as Falling Rain, so am I of These
  • Apathetic Thieves
  • Proposition
  • Litany, Supplication, Summer Solstice
  • Oh, America
  • In my Itinerant Life
  • What the Dog Saw
  • There is a Hierarchy to Things
  • Carrot Musings
  • A Note for High School Guidance Counselors
  • Whenever I go to the Beach
  • Talking to Eddie
  • Dinner Party
  • The World is So Big, My Sweet Little Buttercup