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Submissions from 2012


A Systematic Genetic Screen to Dissect the MicroRNA Pathway in Drosophila, Sigal Pressman, Catherine A. Reinke, Xiaohong Wang, and Richard W. Carthew

Submissions from 2010


Zooxanthellar Symbionts Shape Host Sponge Trophic Status through Translocation of Carbon, Jeremy B. Weisz, Andrew J. Massaro, Blake D. Ramsby, and Malcolm S. Hill

Submissions from 2009


A microRNA Imparts Robustness against Environmental Fluctuation during Development, Xin Li, Justin J. Cassidy, Catherine A. Reinke, Stephen Fischboeck, and Richard W. Carthew

Submissions from 2008


Distinct Phospho-Forms of Cortactin Differentially Regulate Actin Polymerization and Focal Adhesions, Anne E. Kruchten, Eugene W. Krueger, Yu Wang, and Mark A. McNiven

Submissions from 2007


From Observers to Participants: Joining the Scientific Community, Catherine A. Reinke, Susan R. Singer, Carl McDaniel, Carolyn J. Ferguson, Julia Vandermeer, and Adam Williamson


Morphological and Molecular Analyses of Microorganisms in Caribbean Reef Adult Sponges and in Corresponding Reproductive Material, Susanne Schmitt, Markus Wehrl, Niels Lindquist, Jeremy B. Weisz, and Ute Hentschel


Vertical Transmission of a Phylogenetically Complex Microbial Consortium in the Viviparous Sponge Ircinia Felix, Susanne Schmitt, Jeremy B. Weisz, Niels Lindquist, and Ute Hentschel

Submissions from 2006


Dynamin as a Mover and Pincher during Cell Migration and Invasion, Anne E. Kruchten and Mark A. McNiven

Submissions from 2005


A Dynamin-3 Spliced Variant Modulates the Actin/Cortactin-Dependent Morphogenesis of Dendritic Spines, Noah W. Gray, Anne E. Kruchten, Jing Chen, and Mark A. McNiven

Submissions from 2001


A Role for Actin, Cdc1p, and Myo2p in the Inheritance of Late Golgi Elements in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Olivia W. Rossanese, Catherine A. Reinke, Brooke J. Bevis, Adam T. Hammond, Irina B. Sears, James O'Connor, and Benjamin S. Glick